InVade Bio Drain Review

Like most drain gels, Invade Bio Drain works by dissolving scrum and organic buildup in drains and pipes. This gel contains natural microbes that work instead of harsh chemicals. The thick formula pours slowly and easily coats the walls of a drain or piping.

We personally used InVade Bio Drain and it worked wonders. The price is a bit steep for a 1 gallon jug, but it is a good last effort before spending money on plumbers or exterminators. Like most other drain gel products, it is a good idea to also manually clean the inside of piping with a brush.

InVade Bio Drain: The Best Natural Solution?

This proboitic cleaner pours really thick, smells great and does the job. Rockwell Labs, the manufacturer, also promotes Invade Bio Drain for multiple uses, including mopping and power sprayer applications. Combined with their Bio Bullet product and a good pipe scrubbing, this might be the knockout punch for drain fly breeding sites!

Product Details

Product Name:Invade Bio Drain
Recommended Use:Drain cleaning gel utilizing non-pathogenic microbial organisms to digest and
remove organic waste from drains and other hard to reach areas
Company:Rockwell Labs
Appearance:Orange gel
Conditions to Avoid:Excessive heat. Store in a closed, appropriately labeled
container between 35 and 95 °F.
Applications:1 quart bottle (8 applications)
1 gallon jug (32 applications)
5 gallon pail (160 applications)

Additional product details (PDF).

Common Questions & Answers

Is InVade Bio Drain safe for septic systems?

Yes, its septic safe

Can you mix Drano and this drain gel?

InVade Bio Drain contains natural microbes that will most likely be killed by the harsh chemicals in Drano. It is recommended to use Drano first, rinse the drain well, and then apply Bio Drain.

How do you use InVade Bio Drain?

Using Invade Drain Gel is simple. Moisten the drain with a gallon or two of warm water. Then, pour about 4 oz of Invade Bio Drain around the opening to ensure the sides are coated well. For larger drains, more can be added. Repeat the process one or two times each week, or as needed for ongoing maintenance. Drain gels tend to work well when you let them site for several hours. We recommend you treat drains at night so no water runs into the drain during treatment.

Will this drain gel work in kitchen sinks and garbage disposals?

Yes. InVade Bio Drain is safe for use in each. Make sure to coat the side of the drain and scrub beneath the rubber skirt in the drain opening to remove all buildup.

Will this product help unclog hair in shower drains?

It is recommended that alternate products or tools be used to first unclog the drain from hair prior to using Invade Bio Drain.

Can you mix Gentrol IGR and InVade Bio Drain?

Gentrol IGR is a great way to improve the success of your drain fly treatment program. It is recommend to use Gentrol IGR before using this drain gel.

Can this be used in sump pump pits?

The product is really meant to coat drain walls and help eat buildup where flies breed. A sump pit is rather large, and can be filled with water. Your best bet if drain flies are breeding in your pit is to use an approved insecticide or product such as Gentrol IGR to interrupt the breeding cycle. Combine this with a product such as the InVade Bio Puck, which is meant to be placed in water, to improve treatment outcome. Lastly, the issue of flies in your sump pit may be due to stagnate water, run your pump every so often to remove standing water.

Can this product be used in toilets?

Drain gels are really meant to be poured in drains. We do not recommend InVade Bio Drain for use in toilets. If you suspect flies are coming from your toilet follow these steps.

Is this drain gel safe for stainless steel sinks?

We recommend doing a spot test. Based on public reviews, we have not read of any negative effects on stainless steel.

User Reviews From the Web

Bye bye annoying drain flies!

I had tiny drain flies coming up from my basement floor drain. I threw a gallon of bleach down the drain and that didn’t faze them one bit. They were back the next day. After turning to the Internet for advice I found favorable reviews on Bio Drain. We bought two bottles.

I followed the directions on the bottle and noticed within a couple applications the flies were gone. I kept using it for a week and they are completely gone.

It’s been 2 weeks now and I haven’t seen any. I’m not sure if it will continue to work long term but I have another bottle should those pesky flies return

The exterminator was wrong

This stuff is amazing!! I called a exterminator who told me he can not get rid of them that I might need to call a plumber to find any cracks in my pipes.

I checked all the pipes and could not find a crack. The flies would not go away for 1 year. I bought Bio Drain and have been following the directions to a tee. Within one day the number of flies reduced greatly. Its been 3 weeks now and I haven’t seen any flies anymore.

Not sure it works

I can’t believe that I bought five gallons of this stuff. I don’t think that it works. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and still having smells and problems with drain flies. Don’t buy, waste of money.

*note – this review seems indicative that the user did not properly go through the proper steps to identify where the drain flies are coming from. Additionally, this product may not be the perfect cure if you do not plan on manually cleaning the pipes with a pipe brush.

It takes a series of steps to increase the success rate of any drain gel product or drain fly killer. Gentrol IGR can also be used to help eliminate the fly life cycle and prevent infestation between treatments.

Product works on drain flies

We used this product in basement sump pumps. We had an infestation of drain flies. At first we tried another brand of microbial product. Then we switched to this InVade. This works well.

Seems to have just started working…

I’ve only been using it for about a week. We’ve had terrible drain flies…I’ve tried every internet remedy from vinegar and baking soda, to WD-40. Nothing touched them.

I see the trick to this stuff is to make sure you leave it ALL AROUND the drain as well as in it. When the flies try to climb out, they get stuck in the gel and drown.

Since using this they are not completely gone yet but the number has been greatly reduced (from 10 a day to just 1). So looking good so far, will update after another week.

It works, but there is also a free trick

But before I ordered and then while waiting for the product to arrive, here’s what I did.

My drain flies were emerging from the overflow hole at the top of the sink. I PLUGGED THE HOLE WITH TISSUE PAPER.
I also put an easy-to-remove plug in the drain itself. That sealed the drain so the flies could not emerge from either hole to bother me.

After a day I removed the tissue plug in the overflow hole. I found many dead flies on it.

I put in a new tissue plug and 24 hours later there were fewer dead flies on the tissue.

When the product arrived I followed the directions and poured it into the overflow drain hole. The replugged the hole. Then I did the same 48 hours later and then again another 48 hours.

No more drain flies!

I know that the plugs prevented them from escaping the product I poured into the hole. I am not sure if I really needed to use the product for three pouring because the tissue plug worked so well. Do try that first. If you still have drain flies then do use the product. And don’t forget the overflow plug.

Tips to Get the Most out Of Invade Bio Drain

Like all drain fly treatments method and products, success relies on a few factors:
1) Proper identification of fly breeding sites
2) Combining any gel or spray with manual cleaning
3) A plan to prevent future infestation
Make sure to plan out your treatment dates.

This way others will know the sink or drain is off limits. It is best to pour the drain gel at night when no water will run into the drain. This allows the product to work with maximum effectiveness throughout the night.

If you plan on using a harsh chemical such as Drano for a blockage, make sure to do so before using this product. Otherwise, the natural properties will be reduced by the chemicals.