Guide to Horse Fly Traps

6 Best Horsefly Traps

Female tabanids (horseflies) need blood to reproduce. Livestock, horses and even humans are fair game. They tend to be found across North America, most often in farmland areas. Bites can transmit a number of diseases and cause severe irritation.

They can also be found in more urban areas near breeding sites, such as a lake or pool.

Horse fly Tabanus traps

What Makes the Best Horse Fly Trap?

The best horse fly traps are those that can attract biting flies. Horse flies use infrared to find heat signatures of animals and humans. They then fly to the target and begin to feed.

This means many common fly paper sticky traps, or general hanging outdoor traps are not very effective. Zappers and light based traps will also not kill horse flies since they are not attracted to light in the first place.

Flies need to be "tricked" into thinking there is a body to feed on and then caught. For this reason, the Bite Lite H trap, Nzi Biting Fly Trap and the Horse Pal Trap are the most effective. They utilize a black colored ball that absorbs heat from the sun.

This heat signature attracts biting flies. They land and attempt to feed, but eventually fly away vertically.  These traps capitalize on the vertical takeoff using mesh and a funnel shaped design to guide the flies into a jar.

Bite-Lite H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control System

Bite Lite H Trap Review

This horsefly trap is the golden-standard. If you require optimal performance and are willing to invest several hundred dollars, this is the best solution. The Bit-Lite H Trap is designed to catch horse flies by playing on the natural instinct of the females.

The black colored ball absorbs heat, which provides the right heat signature for flies to land on it thinking it is an animal. After they explore and bite the material with no success, they fly upward. Above the ball is a cone shaped net which funnels the fly into a trap.

horse fly trap study review


  • Designed specifically to catch and prevent female biting horse flies
  • Pro grade
  • Chemical free
  • Great for any area
  • Patented design


  • Price is much higher than other common fly traps
  • Flies remain in the trap

Our Verdict

If you are looking for professional grade protection against horse flies. Look no further. The patented design and effectiveness of the Bite Lite H-Trap cannot be compared to general glue traps or DIY methods.

The price is significantly higher than the other traps reviewed, but its a small price to pay for peace of mind.

In this case, you really do get what you pay for!

Catchmaster Giant Sticky Fly Trap

atchMaster Giant Horse Fly Trap

The Catchmaster has a 3600 square-inch coverage, which allows it to trap horseflies in larger areas like barns.

The bright yellow color and pre-baited scent attract the flies. The sticky surface acts as a glue trap. To cover more surface area, you can cut the roll into smaller pieces and place them in different areas of the barn or stable.

This style of trap may not be as effective at catching horse and deer flies who use their vision to find food.


  • Easy to set up
  • Extensive coverage
  • Durable adhesive
  • Non-toxic
  • Easily cut for smaller areas


  • No thermal attractant for biting flies
  • Difficult to roll out and position
  • May catch small birds and animals outdoors
  • Requires larger application area

Review Summary

The Catchmaster Giant Sticky Fly Trap has a super-strong adhesive that catches a wide variety of flies. You may have difficulty setting up these traps without tangling the sticky paper on a semi-windy day (get a helping hand!).

The possibility of catching birds, bats, squirrels and other smaller animals cannot be overlooked. We recommend implementing this solution with chicken wire wrapped around it as well. The wire can help prevent animals from getting stuck.

Generally, this Catchmaster Giant Sticky Fly Trap is an excellent product, and it offers great value for your money. However, it may not be the best method to catch a large amount of horse or biting flies since it does not include a thermal decoy.

Tanglefoot Tangle-Trap Sticky Coating Aerosol

Tanglefoot Tangle-Trap Sticky Coating Aerosol

This pesticide-fee fly product is somewhat unique. The tacky aerosol sprays onto surfaces. It can be applied near natural bait traps, such as the inside of a jar, to catch small flies.

When dealing with horseflies, you can spray the aerosol on a dull-colored surface such as a horse fly bug ball. The ball will heat up in the sun and attract biting flies to land on the tacky surface. You can get creative with this solution. Ultimately, once they land, they won't leave.

The spray has a strong smell, so we recommend it outdoors near gardens, greenhouses ranches, yards and orchards.


  • Easy to apply
  • Compact size and portable
  • Easily disposable
  • Available as an aerosol or paint-on gel


  • Bad smell
  • Sun can weaken glue
  • Not tacky enough to catch and hold larger flies

Review Summary

The Tanglefoot Tangle-Trap Sticky Coating Aerosol is a flexible solution to trap smaller flies around your home, such as phorid flies, and fungus gnats.

We recommend this product for people who live in warmer weather conditions not affected by extremes. This solution may not be the best option for horse flies.

PIC Sticky Fly Ribbons (10 Pack)

10 pack PIC Sticky Fly Ribbons

Flies are typically attracted to heat, light and smells. A nearby pasture, barn or ranch, is the perfect attractant which can lead them to your home.

These classic sticky fly ribbons can catch small-to-mid sized flying insects before they get to your house. (Or after.)

This specific offer had ten sticky ribbons we placed in different areas. The sticky material is not toxic. It’s suitable for indoor usage since it doesn't have a foul smell and is simple to operate.


  • Easy to use
  • Low price
  • Non-toxic materials
  • No odors or fumes


  • Nuisance to set up
  • Will not catch biting flies
  • Unsightly!

Review Summary

This classic fly tape can get the job done indoors. It is simple, easy to use, and has no smell. It excelled at catching small-to-mid sized flies.

The adhesive may not retain its effectiveness outdoors in the rain. Heat can be used to reactivate the product, or, just wait for the next sunny day. Overall, this fly tape is a good choice for in-home defense. Ten ribbons can cover a large area.

Rescue Horsefly Trap

Rescue outdoor fly trap

When it comes to outdoor house fly control, the Rescue Outdoor Disposable Hanging Fly Trap is a clear winner.

This trap comes with a set of two outdoor hanging fly traps. The traps effectively eliminate many types of flies. Each bag is rated for up to 20,000 flies! It's made of non-toxic materials, and all you have to do is add some water and let it do its magic. The flies are attracted to the bag by the scent. They crawl in the top and cannot get

Many people complained about the foul smell. Make sure to place it 20 feet from your door or family area in the yard. Do not dispose without double bagging.


  • Easy to set up
  • Safe bait
  • Easy disposal
  • Top rated outdoor trap for common flies
  • Catches 20,000 per trap


  • Will not stop horse flies
  • Bad smell
  • Top does not lock
  • Does not kill flies
  • Might attract more than you had initially

Review Summary

The Rescue flytrap is an excellent solution for those dealing with flies in their yard. Pet owners are good candidates for this trap if their dogs use the yard.. Keep in mind it does not kill flies, so they continue to pile up, and sometimes lay eggs in the trap. It gets very messy and stinky.

When disposing the trap, make sure to avoid spilling any of the liquid on your clothes. The smell will not leave for a long time.

 Victor Fly Magnet

Victor Fly Magnet outdoor trap

Victor Fly Magnet Reusable Trap with Bait is a smaller alternative compared to the Rescue bag trap. Although it is not a glue trap, much like the bag, it's still effective.

The Victor features a small container with a non-toxic bait. Flies are attracted to the bait and enter the jar. The liquid then drowns the flies since they can’t escape.

The bait does not diminish over time, making it a durable and long-term option. It's also safe for pets and kids. Victor presents an economical option since you can reuse it. Just dump the flies and re-activate the bait.


  • Reusable - sort of
  • Ease of use
  • Non-toxic
  • Kills flies


  • Trap fills quickly
  • Liquid only kills first few hundred flies
  • Hard to clean
  • Difficult to reuse

Review Summary

We like the Victor outdoor fly trap for being simple and effective. Much like disposab;e bag traps, this one fills up quickly and emits a foul odor.

If you want an alternative to the Rescue model, this is the way to go.