Green Gobbler Fruit Fly Killer Review

Does it Really Kill Flies in Your Drains?

Cleaning pipes and drains is crucial to eliminating drain or fruit fly infestation. Dissembling piping may not always be an option. In these cases, a drain gel such a Green Gobbler will help get rid of buildup and scum. In the process, the food source of drain and fruit flies will be eliminated. Additionally Fruit Fly Goodbye’s viscous gel will subdue eggs and fruit flies.

To some, this option might seem to good to be true. We compiled the most pertinent reviews on the topic, so you can determine whether this $20+ drain gel is worth it. Oh, and we also discovered that Green Gobbler is really just Drain Fly Goodbye in a rebranded bottle.

Green Gobbler Kills Annoying Drain Flies

Yes. That is what they claim on their website. However, does the gel really work? One of the main ingredients is citronella (Cymbopogon Nardus), a naturally occurring oil in lemongrass. This oil is well researched and proven to naturally repel mosquitos and flies. According to the product information sheet, the repellent also contains sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

Product Details

Appearance:Viscous, colorless liquid
RCRA Status:Non-hazardous
Product Use:Drain Fly Repellent

Common Questions About Green Gobbler Fruit Fly Killer

Is Green Gobbler Gel safe for septic systems?

The product labeling states it is safe for septic systems.

Can it be used in a garbage disposal?

Yes, Green Gobbler Drain Fly Killer can be used in garbage disposals. Pour around the lip of the drain to coat all sides of the drain.

Does this gel kill flies, or repel them?

The product seems to advertise both, it will kill flies and help naturally repel others at the source.

Where can this gel be used?

Green Gobbler Drain Fly Killer can be used in floor drains, garbage disposals, kitchen sinks, bathrooms, shower drains.

Can I use this in the toilet?

The product is not design to be used in toilets.

Can this be used in a french drain?

Yes, it can be used in french drains.

What time of day should it be used?

It is best to use the gel at night so the product can sit and work overnight. Aim to coat all sides of the drain.

User Reviews

The Real Deal!

I was dealing with those pesky fruit flies and gnats for weeks on end. Those critters multiply and if you don’t stay on top of it you will have a big problem on your hands. It got to a point that I could not cook in my kitchen, or eat. I could not leave any fruit out or enjoy flowers in my kitchen. I used Apple cider traps that I bought online and those were very effective in killing flies that were in the air.

However, I could not find the source of where they were nesting at because they kept coming back. I took my chances and assumed that they were in my kitchen sink pipe nesting. So therefore I tried this product.

I decided to go with the 1 gallon which was the best decision because you have to treat the sink for at least a week, pouring 4 to 8 oz each day. After treating my sink for a one week, all those pesky flies were gone and they did not return. I highly recommend this product. It was worth every penny.

It Worked

I had a bad drain fly problem in my double kitchen sink for which I purchased this. I used it 3 times over 5 days. I ran water through the pipes then on days 1, 3, & 5 I poured a large amount of Green Gobbler down both sinks. I then covered both drains with upside down glass bowls I set in my sink to seal them off. After 10-12 hours, I removed the glass bowls and flushed water through pipes again.

Repeated 2 days later, then 2 days after that for a total of 3 times. On the days I didn’t use the Green Gobbler, I poured a lot of hot water down both sinks then I poured 1/3 of bottle of undiluted dishwashing liquid into each of the sinks and let the dishwashing liquid sit there for 7-8 hours, because I read drain flies will also die from dishwashing liquid. 7-8 hours later, I flushed out all the dishwashing liquid before adding the Green Gobbler again.

I don’t know if it helped that I used glass pyrex bowls to keep the sink drains sealed off during this period but I had read people say that after they poured the Green Gobbler down the drains, drain flies came flying out and were in their kitchens and I wanted to make sure I kept them trapped down in the pipes so they couldn’t fly out and escape while the Green Gobbler and dishwashing liquid killed them off.

6 days later, it appears the drain flies are gone. I would use the Green Gobbler (and dishwashing liquid) again if they ever return. I used most of the big bottle to take care of this – it was worth $30.

A Cautionary Tale

I had never had drain flies in 45 years in any house I lived in. We currently live in a old house with cast iron pipes that do get clogged regularly, and I understand that’s how they originate. This product does work but you need to be diligent and use it a few nights in a row but then it will sometimes cause them to come out of a different drain somewhere else in the house.

So obviously you have to use it on each. My cautionary tale is this – do not just let this go untreated and think it’s not a big deal. We just had a few flies, not swarms, and not being familiar with what they can cause, I just let it go for a few weeks & said I’d take care of it at some point. Well then they lay eggs in your grout and you get an infestation! Google ‘grout worms’ if you haven’t heard of it. It’s disgusting.

We had just some hairline cracks in our grout and that is all they need. As soon as I saw a couple near the grout line, I immediately sprayed Tilex with bleach and about 15 more came squirming out of the wall.

I kept spraying them and killing them thinking that would eventually eradicate them, b/c it was bleach! Nope. It makes them squirm out but doesn’t actually kill them. Finally I sprayed some Raid and that actually killed them.

And I didn’t even have any flies at this point hardly, just the worms! Then they will lay eggs in different corners of the shower, even just where the metal from the enclosure meets the tile. It is crazy.

They will get in just the tiniest spot of mildew there. I ended up getting the grout replaced anyway b/c the tile installers did a bad job, and it is now sealed. The flies have only come back once since I had this done – probably b/c of a hair clog that happened at the same time- and I immediately ordered another bottle of this and did not waste any time.

Keep your pipes clean, people! Also this doesn’t seem to have any odor but do not breathe it in, it will definitely irritate your throat.

Usage Tips to Improve Success

This drain gel, like many others, is not a miracle solution. Customers who fail to first identify where flies are coming from, or fail to adequately clean pipes and remove standing water may also be disappointed. It is very important that you remove all breeding/feeding material from piping in conjunction with the gel to improve success. With that said, here are some simple tips to follow:

  • Identify the source of infestation
  • Remove standing water
  • If drain is clogged, remove the blockage
  • Use a pipe brush to scrub inside pipes and drains
  • Implement drain gel, such as green gobbler
  • Flush drains often to prevent re-infestation

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