Treating Drain Flies Under Your Slab

Infestations Beneath Your Home

In the most extreme cases, a broken pipe beneath a slab could be the source of drain fly or phorid fly infestation. It is important to first exhaust all other methods of identification and treatment before drawing this conclusion.

basement floor being opened to fix sewer line

We highly recommend hiring a plumber in this case. They will help confirm suspicions and create a plan of action for repair. An exterminator might be additionally helpful for process of removing drain fly infestation. These are two separate professions.

A seasoned exterminator will need to help verify problem areas and ensure contaminated soil or gravel is removed. The same method of treatment is required for phorid fly infestations.

If areas are left untreated, the issue can persist after the repairs are complete. As you can imagine, it is very costly to break up a recently poured slab! The cost to fix a slab leak can range from $2,000 to $8,000 depending on the amount of work and scope of the particular project.

Do Drill & Treat Methods Work?

It might be tempting to try drill and treat methods. This includes drilling holes in the floor and pumping insecticide beneath the slab. The reason why this method seldom works is because it is impossible to know if the insecticide is reaching all infected areas. The insecticide may also lose potency as it mixes with water and soil beneath the floor.

drill treatment method for flies under floor

Additionally, it does not remedy the source of the flies, which can be organic matter buildup or broken sewer pipes. Cracked pipes can also attract tree roots, which can cause blockages and backups in the home as well.

A broken sewer line may leach sewage into your sump pit and cause additional issues.

In conclusion, before you start budgeting for what could be huge expenses to tear up your floor, make sure that is the true source of the flies. Hiring a plumber to check your main lines and an exterminator to help you conclude and locate the source are good ideas in this case.

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