DF5000 Drain Gel Review

DF5000 is a viscous mint scented drain gel commonly used to treat drain fly infestations. This gel is offered in 32 ounce bottles, which results in a total of eight treatments. DF5000 uses a blend of enzymes and bacterial cultures to break down organic buildup in pipes. 

DF5000 32 ounce bottle
32 ounce bottle of Drummond DF5000

Like most drain gels, DF5000 does not contain any insecticide. It’s purpose is to help remove any organic matter where drain flies can breed.

Lawson Products’ Drummond DF5000 is sold as an “ultra” strength drain treatment. The manufacturer of the product recommends using the gel in commercial settings. However, it is also sold to homeowners and will work in bathroom, kitchen and shower drains.

DF5000 Drain Cleaner

The active ingredients in this drain gel help break down organic buildup in drains. In many residential and commercial settings, this is the source for foul smelling odor or drain flies.

Enzymatic and safe bacterial cleaners remove this buildup without requiring the use of harsh chemicals. These ingredients are suspended in a thick gel which coats the sides of the drain. They then quickly attack and begin breaking down buildup. 


We typically recommend a complete treatment of drains which includes manual scrubbing. This improves the success rate of drain fly treatments by a large factor. 

Applications for DF5000

The manufacturer advises DF5000 for commercial and industrial settings. This includes food service areas, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, shower areas and any other location requiring treatment. 

Does DF5000 Stop Drain Flies?

A common question you will find is whether or not DF5000 can kill drain flies. 

Some retail companies specifically state this gel does not kill flies, but rather to removes their breeding areas. This is correct. Municipal water treatment facilities do not remove pesticides from water. Doing so would certainly raise your taxes!

An alternative is Gentrol IGR. It is rated for use in drains (check with your local and state legislation.) 

Key Information 

The DF5000 drain gel contains a mix of C9-11 alcohol ethoxylates. The manufacturer safety data sheet does not display the exact composition. This is Drummond’s trade secret. The material is not classified as hazardous under OSHA regulations.

Questions and Answers

Does DF5000 kill drain flies? 

DF5000 is not an insecticide, but it will help get rid of fly breeding grounds.

How much does it cost? 

A 32 ounce bottle of DF5000 typically costs between $23-30 dollars.

Is this drain gel pet safe?

Yes, when used as directed.

Will this drain cleaner work outdoors?

No, DF5000 is intended for indoor use only.

What is the active ingredient in this product?

A blend of bacteria cultures and free enzymes.

Is this product safe for septic systems?


Instructions for Use

  1. Moisten any buildup by puring 2 gallons of warm water into the drain
  2. Scrub the inside of the drain with a pipe brush to remove and loosen debris
  3. Apply DF5000 at night, pour the product around the opening so it coats the sides of the drain
  4. Repeat nightly for 5-7 days

You can consider adding the drain cleaner to you regular maintenance regimen. It is also important to keep in mind that a proper sanitation program is necessary to prevent future buildup and keep a clean environment. 

Reviews from the Web

Keep in mind you should first identify any small black flies in your home. This helps ensure you are using the correct treatment method. 

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