How to Get Rid Drain Flies Naturally

Removing Drain & Sewer Flies Without Chemicals

The secret to getting rid of drain flies naturally is making sure your remove the area where they breed. This can be done using a pipe brush and enzymatic, natural drain gels.

Most of the methods to get rid of drain flies involve using enzymatic drain gels. This is because harsher chemicals, such as liquid Plumbr or Drano, may not remove organic build as efficiently. (Although they can still kill flies.)

Does the Baking Soda & Vinegar Trick Work?

To be honest, we do not advocate solutions that may not yield results. Drain flies left untreated will reproduce in massive numbers and start to infest other areas of your home.

baking soda vinegar mix for flies

The carbonic acid and sodium acetate, two chemicals created by the reaction, are not powerful enough to dissolve grease or organic matter buildup as they pass through the pipes.

With that said, there are still natural way to get rid of drain flies. Learn more about the best drain fly killers.

Boicide Drain Cleaners

There are several companies that create all natural bio treatments for sanitation, which is part of an ongoing treatment program for treating drain flies. Here are a few brands we worked with in the past:

invade bio gel for drain flies

Drain and sewer flies thrive on organic material buildup, such as rotting food or sewage. Removing these elements is essential to treating and preventing infestation. Natural drain cleaners may contain microbial grease degraders to break down organic compounds in pipes and drains.

Removing the Adult Flies

picture of an adult drain fly

Dealing with adult flies already in your home could be a bit tricky. While it is easy to use an aerosol spray, but you may not want to introduce chemicals into your living space. If this is the case, you can utilize DIY fly traps or a mix of vinegar and dish soap to attract and kill flies.

Follow the steps below to create an irresistible mix for those little pests!

  • Fill a shallow bowl with apple cider vinegar and a touch of dish soap
  • Cover the bowl in a saran wrap and poke holes to allow flies to enter
  • Place the bowl near the drain or area with the issue
  • Flies should seek out the vinegar but drown in the solution
  • Keep the bowl in the area during sanitation portion of the treatment program

Keep in mind that natural treatments may require extra effort. Make sure to treat all suspected drains at once so you don’t develop issues with re-infestation.


Most natural methods you will find online for getting rid of drains flies won’t work. Moderate to heavy infestations require manual cleaning and a drain gel to get the job done. Of course, it is also extremely important to first identify where they are breeding before treating the site.

It is possible to get rid of flies using natural means, but DIY mixtures will usually not be strong enough to get the job done.

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