How to Use Invade Bio Drain Gel

how to use invade bio drain

Rockwell Labs Invade Bio Drain is a fantastic product. When used correctly, it can reduce odors and drain fly infested pipe buildup. Even better, the featured enzymatic ingredients will eat organic matter in pipes and drains without risk of damage.

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The price of Invade is not cheap. We understand if you are looking for help with how to use invade bio drain gel properly. Each drop counts!

Just follow the steps we’ve laid out below and you’re golden!

How Does Invade Bio Drain Gel Work?

Invade Bio Drain is a probiotic drain gel cleaner, which means it contains live microorganisms. These microbe spores eat away organic buildup without needing harsh chemicals, such as Drano. Microbes activate when they contact organic material in drains. Over time, they feed on and break down this material.

The orange colored gel comes in a thick formula that easily coats drain walls. This is key to our next step.

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How to Use Invade Bio Drain Gel

  1. Moisten the drain with 1-2 gallons of warm water
  2. Measure out 4 ounces for 4 inch drains
  3. Pour the gel around the edges of the drain opening – not directly down it!
  4. Allow the gel to sit in the drain overnight
  5. Repeat every other day for one week
  6. For drain fly infestations, consider manually cleaning pipes as well
  7. For ongoing maintenance, use 1-2 times per weeks as needed

Read the official instructions here (PDF).


Avoid using Invade Bio Drain gel with harsh chemicals, as they can neutralize the probiotics.

For best results, use Invade when drains will not be used for a period of time. We recommend treating drains at night.

Benefits of using the Invade Bio Drain

  • It will not harm your pipes or the environment
  • You can apply it regularly without worrying about your septic system
  • It’s easy to use
  • Invade Bio Drain can help prevent or eliminate drain flies
  • The thick formula helps decrease bad odors coming from drains

Final Thoughts

Invade is practical, easy to use and economical. It is a bit pricey, so getting the most for your money is important. Following the use directions will help maximize the end result.