Preventing Flies

drain flies die in winter

Do Drain Flies Die in Winter

Most fly species cannot survive outside temperatures below 32°F (0°C). They die unless they find a warm and conducive place to overwinter, such as your home. Drain flies are one of the few insects that can tolerate cold weather conditions. They have a thick layer of fat that helps them keep warm and insulated, giving

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Do Fruit Flies Bite?

No, They Nibble Your Fruit, Not Flesh! Fruit flies are a very common household pest, and while they might be annoying, they do not bite or sting. They are more prolific during late summer and fall when the weather is warmer and ripened, or fermenting fruits and vegetables are plentiful. A person story about these

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do flies sleep at night

Do Flies Sleep?

Have you ever wondered where flies go at night, do they sleep like humans? Most flies sleep in the night; however, they sometimes also take short naps during the daytime. Rest is a vital part of the daily life of any living thing. Even the smallest brains need sleep to work properly.  Read on for

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bathroom cleaning for pest control

Preventing Drain Flies

You are likely reading this because you either have drain flies, or had them already. Have no fear, we are here to help save you the headache and endless searching for how to prevent drain flies. First, you might want a quick refresher on these pests to make sure you are not mistaking them for

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