5 Ways to Keep Your Drains Clean

Dirty drains can cause more blockages and backups. In some cases, the organic matter buildup and stagnate water can lead to fly infestations (particularly drain and phorid flies).


The best offense against flies is a good defense. Any pest control professional you speak to will say that proper sanitation is key to ensuring pests stay out. Why provide them with food or a comfortable breeding area?

Here are five ways you can keep your kitchen, bathroom and shower drains clean.

1) Use a Drain Hair Catcher

Pretty straightforward, but many plumbers told us that they routinely pull wads of hair out of clogged shower drains. This simple device lays on top of your drain to prevent hair and particles from entering the pipes.

The alternative is to allow hair and junk down, which build up overtime. Eventually, water will drain more slowly until it reaches a standstill. This is a bad scenario and can create an ideal breeding ground for drain flies.

2) Don’t Pour Grease Into Your Sink

Kitchens are meant for cooking in. When you have a pan full of grease, it is best to avoid pouring down your sink. The grease will congeal when it cools down, most likely in your main sewer line, and eventually cause a backup. This is usually a bigger issue in older houses that already have some blockage issues or cracks in the main line.

The preexisting buildup acts like a magnet for the fat to cling to. Be careful.

3) Don’t Wash Shaved Hair Down the Drain

While shaving off a beard into the sink seems easy enough, unclogging the drain after is not. Instead, close the drain, the place tissue paper or a towel over the sink.

Ta da!

This might not be the fanciest method, but it works. After shaving or trimming, simply dump the hair the trash bin. This helps avoid situations where hairs flow down into the drain, build up over time, and eventually cause problems.

4) Use a Lint Filter on Your Washing Machine

This is typically an issue with older washers that might empty into a sink. Lint can clog the drain and lead to buildup, or a slow emptying drain.

washing machine needs lint filter

Installing a cheap, or expensive lint trap can solve this issue for you!

5) Be Proactive With Drain Gels

A drain gel, chemical or microbial, is a great way to proactively ensure drains are clean. If you choose to use chemical gels, such as Drano, make sure to follow the manufacturer guidelines.

invade bio gel for drain flies in shower

Bonus: Making Your Drains Smell Great

Now that you know how to keep drains free of buildup, here are a few ways to freshen them up:

  • Run warm water down the drain after washing the dishes or cooking. This helps move oils or particles left behind.
  • Pour baking soda into the drain and follow with hot water. Many people love this method since it is an all-natural odor neutralizing solution.
  • Combine the above methods by pouring a half cup of baking soda and vinegar down the drain. Follow with vinegar and let the mixture react. Rinse with hot water.

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