InVade Hot Spot Bio Foam 16oz.

Invade Hot Spot Bio Foam 16. Oz

Invade Hot Spot Foam is a bio sanitation product for tough to reach areas. The formula can be used to clean almost anything from soap scum to pet stains, it can even be used as a drain cleaner to get rid of drain flies. Just like the famous Bio Drain gel, this foam containing citrus oils and odor eliminating microbes. Versatile and effective for multiple needs and uses.

This foam is the ultimate green cleaner that works more effectively than simple chemical cleaners such has Drano. In areas of chronic moisture and organic matter. Contains Premium, Natural Microbes and Citrus Oil. The microbe spores activate when in contact with their food source (organic debris).Thick, rich foam clings to surfaces providing maximum contact for digesting organic matter and eliminating odors. A 360° valve and finger actuator makes application to large scummy surfaces easy.

Green Zone certified product: Hot Shot Foam is suitable for green service programs.


Hot Spot can also be used to clean a variety of stains and odors on carpets and in trash cans. The formula works well on liquids, such as soda, most of organic matter.

Active Ingredient

Premium microbes


16 oz.


Rockwell Labs

Item Volume

473 millilitres

Ship Weight

1.26 lbs

Precautionary Statement(s)

Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition
sources., No smoking., Do not pierce or burn, even after use., Store in well ventilated place., Protect from sunlight., Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50 ºC/122 ºF.


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