Baby Stink Bug vs Bed Bug

Bed bugs appearance might look like that of a stinkbug nymph (baby), but they are world’s apart. Bed bugs are commonly found in areas where there are people, and leave behind spots or brown fecal matter. Stink bugs do not need on human blood, can fly when mature, and can be found throughout any area

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what are cluster flies

What Are Cluster Flies?

Cluster Flies Defined Cluster flies are common pests that invade homes, particularly when temperatures start to drop. They gain entry through small openings, cracks, and crevices. This is to seek shelter from wind and frost during the winter.  Once flies are inside, these flies hibernate the winter away, ‘clustering’ together to stay warm.  As the seasons

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do flies sleep at night

Do Flies Sleep?

Have you ever wondered where flies go at night, do they sleep like humans? Most flies sleep in the night; however, they sometimes also take short naps during the daytime. Rest is a vital part of the daily life of any living thing. Even the smallest brains need sleep to work properly.  Read on for

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