FVOAI Indoor Electric Fly Trap

Do you find fruit fly infestation a nuisance? We all want a home free of the irritating buzzing of mosquitoes and other insects.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find something that solved your pest control needs WITHOUT chemicals or sticky traps? Something that was safe, easy to use, economical and effective; something that did everything you needed it to do?

Traditional bug zappers are a pain in the neck to put up every time, and it’s expensive to replace the light bulbs. The FVOAI solution is the best replacement for in home options.

Key Benefits

  • FVOAI has 20 UV lights that emit 365-395NM wavelength light. The light is used to attract the flying insects, with the sticky glue board, so that they cannot escape. It’s super easy to install, will not let you down.
  • The fan draws the insects into the cage and the sticky board at the bottom prevents them from flying out. The fan stays quiet while working and does not disturb sleep.
  • Set insect traps near fruits, plants or garbage cans and turn off lights for best effect.
  • The trap is easy to clean, remove the tray for cleaning and replace it with new sticky board.
  • No more swatting at little flies with rolled up newspaper!

Note: This product is primarily meant for fruit flies, gnats, mosquitoes and house flies. This will not eliminate drain fly issues. For that, you must treat the drain itself with a drain gel.


It is a bit surprising to know that people spend about $2 billion to get rid fruit flies each year. In the US, there are an average of 50-100 fruit flies in every house each season (sometimes man more!). This product can help!


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