Vinicius Rodrigues, PhD, Entomology

Vinicius Rodrigues PhD Entomology

Vinicius Rodrigues, PhD

Federal University of Viçosa

Bio-robotics, Syddansk Universitet

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Vinicius provides our team with critical feedback on articles and guides. He holds a PhD in entomology and applies his expertise in statistical modeling across a range of fields.

Vinicius holds a PhD in Entomology from Federal University of Viçosa (Viçosa, MG, Brazil). He is also part of an exchange program with the Center for Bio-robotics in the Syddansk Universitet (Odense, Denmark). Vinicius is highly experienced in Ecological Simulations, Quantitative Ecology, Community Ecology, Ecological Interactions and Population Dynamics. His work also includes advanced statistical modeling, simulations and package development in R and Lua languages.